Its time for Africa

We believe that there is a great opportunity for Africa to become the next manufacturing hub for the rest of the world. Following this belief, we have taken a bold step to build a world-class manufacturing facility in Ghana. We reckon that this is the right step towards improving the footwear industry in Ghana. Many African countries, including Ghana, are working on development projects to increase employment and encourage manufacturing. Therefore, it is an advantage for us to establish our shoe factory in Ghana.

From local to global

Shoemaking is a very common activity among Ghanaian entrepreneurs. In Ghana’s city of Kumasi, it is very usual to find a shoemaker in every corner of the street. While these craftsmen make very beautiful and well-made shoes, the shoes are mostly limited to selling to the next-door neighbour. We founded Brouges Footwear to promote these locally made shoes in the global market, to allow people outside Ghana to experience the craftsmanship of Ghanaian shoemakers.

We found that by providing our shoemakers with the right tools and equipment, they can improve their craft and create designs that express African artisan.

Pertinent challenges in Africa

  • Lack of basic infrastructure
  • Less skilled labour
  • Lack of knowledge about the global market and international compliance standards
  • Inadequate access to financing for the manufacturing
  • High level of inflation

Opportunities in Africa

  • Availability of labour – a growing labour force with an increasing need for job
  • Highly competitive labour rate
  • Availability of raw materials and natural resources
  • Governments initiatives to stimulate manufacturing
  • Higher rate of return on investment

Our Journey

I started Brouges Footwear as a school project and it has led me to discover my passion for Africa, go for a one-year student exchange in the United State, and build a shoe factory in Ghana. I hope our journey inspires you.

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